How To Build A Diorama

About and how to build dioramas.

A diorama can see a simple as the small farm scene on the left or as complex as one of the winter scenes on the right.

farm dioramasnow scene

You may want to build a simple centerpiece for a holiday table.

Or you may be interested in going beyond that to build a piece of art that you will enclose in glass.

priest diorama

It all starts with a plan.  That plan may be included with a diorama kit or model package such as those at CartonBuiltModels Kits

A diorama is a scene.  And the choice of scenes can almost be categorized by age.

Kids love building small scenes filled with animals and cars.  Some like rooms filled with furniture and flowers.

Adults’ interests are more varied. Some make focus on military scenes.  Others war games.  The “train community” on scenes that include rails. And then there are the generalists who rather than draw in 2D, build in 3D.

We have a series of videos that detail the construction of some dioramas. In other cases, the instructions are in text and included with the diorama package. Go to  CartonBuiltModels Kits


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