This website is about making and using carton models, or in other words, models made from paper or card (including cereal boxes).

It is for people who want models for family activities, group activities, kids, train layouts, dioramas, and storefront displays.

It contains a large tutorial library that covers all aspects of making carton models and dioramas.

It is for beginners and experts alike.

We show you how to start by making some simple models and dioramas. And then our tutorials series will take you through advanced techniques so that you can make models and dioramas such as the ones that you see in the images below. It gets you started easily and then gives you step-by-step instructions to advance as far as you wish.

You can also get a large selection of models and diorama supplies. Those include highly detailed, 1/25, carton train models, exclusive scene and HO scale train models, small villages, low relief buildings, diorama kits, farms and farm buildings, town and city buildings and a Christmas Village.

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This business is family-owned. The information in it is provided by an experience modeler whose work has achieved high ratings from renowned modeling experts. The images below show details of one of his dioramas.

The site is new.  It is being built model by model and tutorial by tutorial. So add it to your favorites and come back as we grow.

You can get carton models and diorama kits and supplies in our shop.

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