Using Carton Models For Family Activities

Paper and card models have the uncanny ability to bring families together.

The images below show families making models at a model railroad train show.  Two tables with paper models, scissors and paste glue were occupied all day by kids, mothers and fathers who really got together making models.  Sometimes people had to wait until space opened at a table.

The models were basic and designed for the youngsters.  But that didn’t stop moms and dads from getting fully involved.

If you have an event to be attended by families, a couple tables like these with card models can a bit more to keep the kids (young and old) occupied.

Models such as these are also appropriate in other environments as described below the images.

family at modeling tablekids at modeling table
familty modeling at tablefamily modeling activity

Family Home Evenings – Everyone can get involved making card villages that can be organized into a diorama or organized (quite often chaotically) on the floor into play villages.

Making these fantasy villages draws out a lot of creativity from young minds and makes for a lot of family fun.

When used on the floor, they will get stepped on, sat on and otherwise crushed.  But being card, the cost to replace them is nothing more than the cost of the card.

Grandparents And Kids – Keeping the kids occupied can sometimes be a bit difficult.

But either getting the kids started on making models and checking on them every now and then or sitting with them and spending some quality time with them makes life a lot more pleasant. There is more on this in Models For Kids.

Dads With Train Layouts – Train layouts can be expensive and complex.  And dads can get so involved in their layouts that the kids can get the feeling of being left out.

A simple solution is to set up a small work area where the kids can make simple models. As a next step, the models can be used by the kids for their own simple starter set.  That can be an easily stored floor layout. See Building Train Layouts.

No matter how you approach it, you will bring the kids closer and you will both have more enjoyment during their fast disappearing younger years.

Dioramas – Making dioramas is extremely popular. They can be as small as a table centerpiece to a Christmas Village to be put under the holiday tree.  Everyone can get involved in this.


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