Models For Kids

How to use Paper Models, also known as Carton Models, for kids.

Kids really get involved when given a paper model. If more than one is available, they go from one to the next without missing a breath.

And parents and grandparents enjoy these modeling sessions also.

The images below show a 4 and 6 year old proudly working on their own models. They were given the models by an uncle who wanted to keep them busy.

They, with another 3 year old,  were visiting their grandparents who finally needed a break.  These two were scooted across the street to visit me.

I gave them models designed for their age groups – simple with coloring book type drawings on the sides.

They spent a couple hours entertaining themselves. The kids just loved the time.

They loved the time so much that they showed up three more afternoons.  (Or the grandparents sent them because they enjoyed their time.) And modeled and colored and modeled and colored much more.


And here are images of families at a train show keeping kids occupied at a free carton models table.

family activity

And here are images of kids making dioramas at a summer camp.  They had a great time and I a greater time teaching and helping them.

making models at camp

In short, carton models are great for keeping kids entertained and busy.

You can get regular carton modes and coloring book type carton models by going to this link.



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