Dioramas For Kids

Examples of dioramas designed especially for kids.

Presented here are three small dioramas designed especially for kids six years old and up.

farm dioramahorse cart dioramakids diorama

The base of the diorama is thick cardboard. The grass on the diorama in the left is oregano tinted with fabric dye. The dirt for the road is potting soil blended and sifted. The fences are toothpicks.

The green bush at the corner of the fence is lichen.

The tree tops are cut from paper and glue tube to fix. We have instructions on how to make these trees in another page in the site.

The buildings are those that you can find in our diorama kits.

In the other pictures, the sand road is sifted sand. The grass sawdust colored with fabric dye. The fences and figures are cut from paper. Once again there is more information in our diorama kits section.

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