CartonBuiltModels Described

Each plan is for a building that can be made in any scale from 1 to 60 on down to n scale (1 to 160).

They are simple to scale. This is well covered in the model construction instructions.

The basic 1 to 60 scale is especially good for most diorama and general modelling. It is easy to handle during the assembly process and the finished product is attractive without being oversized.

The models look great as they are but in the tips and hints section of the instructions we show you how you can modify them to add lights, surrounding scenery, and other exciting details.

Easy to assemble. Kids eight years old can easily make the models.

Quick assembly. Assembly time is typically 30 minutes. In group activities 8 to 10 year olds put the buildings together in about 20 minutes. (See Modes For Kids )

You need only scissors, a straight edge, a scribe and glue.

And, of course, they are highly detailed with actual windows from existing buildings and they are attractive.

These carton built models are fun and easy to build.

You get complete easy to understand and follow illustrated instructions.

You save the downloaded instructions and plans to your computer. You can use them as many times as you wish to make in many models as you wish.

With a few plans you can make a great town, Christmas village or other great scenes.


For Family – Have you ever asked yourself what can I do to spend some quality time with the kids and keep them busy?

Making these buildings is a quality time activity for Grandpas, Grandmas, Moms, Dads and the kids.

It is a creative activity and learning experience kids, boys and girls alike.

Group Activities – These plans are useful for group activities for clubs, senior citizens homes, schools, exhibitions, and fares.

They are easy to build, useful, collectible, long-lasting, educational and FUN.

And they are very low cost. Get one and reuse the templates as many times as you wish.

Look at how the kids enjoyed these at a camp group activity. The kids are making small dioramas using these same plans  Modeling For Kids

Train Layouts – You can add a large amount scenery to your train layout at extremely low cost.

Strong recommendation – read this information about not overdoing scenery.

They come to you in 1/60 scale. Print them like that and let your kids build their models while you work on your own layout. And then adjust your printer settings and print them to the scale that you want.


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