Carton Models For Group Activities

Carton models offer you a great way to provide an interesting activity for your group.

We start by showing you how carton models were used for group activities at a summer camp.

There were three groups of kids aged 8 to 17 years old. They would show some example carton model buildings and a sample small diorama as shown in the top center picture below. They were then given models printed on 180 GSM paper and a supply of glues scissors scribes.

The two younger groups made their own dioramas to take home. They use the sample diorama as an example only an exercise their own creativity to make some of the most interesting works of art.

The older group built buildings and paper cars and laid out a small town. It was a team effort and the great exercise in working together. They organized themselves into interest groups. Some did the layout planning, others built the buildings, and a third group build the cars. They didn’t finish on the first session, but after the first session most of them really look forward to coming back in another session in finishing. They really enjoyed the work and enjoyed working together.

The kids were very excited. They brought their dioramas home at the end of.

If you look closely at the picture located bottom center, you will see a man in an orange shirt. He was one of the camp counselors. He was supposed this helps the instructors but he found the work so interesting that he got involved as well and was really turned on by making paper model cars.

Gary with model selectioncomplete model sitekids making models
kids modelingkids and their modelsboys making models
boys making modelskids modelingkids and their models

Sessions like this can be held anywhere you have any group for which you would like to provide some interesting activity.

Such places as retirement homes, day care centers, church groups and any other group to which you belong are good candidates.

Your group can make individual centerpieces to be sold for fundraisers.

They can also make dioramas to be displayed in the windows of local business establishments. Your group may even be able to sell some of these.

As I emphasize many times, carton models provide you a lot of opportunity. Just let your creative juices flow and you are likely to find one that you like.

To help you get started, we have some small diorama kits available in our store. They are good starter packages. You can find them at CartonBuiltModels Plans.

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